Performance and load testing

You want to verify the performance and stability of your application, determine the limits of its load, or you wonder why some processes take too long in it. You are concerned that problems may arise after the application is released.

We can help through:

  • overload tests
  • tests in the field of time standards
  • analysis and bug detection
  • development support in fixing problems
  • infrastructure recommendations



We analyze your requirements. We strive to get to know the system, architecture, technology and goals you want to achieve with the software or devices you create. We offer a free introductory meeting with our experts.


We estimate the scope and cost of the work, select the appropriate testing method, test team and environment. We send you a quote.


The client confirms the scope of work and accepts the quote.


Testing activities preparation and sign of a contract.


Tests and ongoing reporting.

Need tests?

Each inquiry is priced individually depending on the demand and different expert competences that may be required.

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