Professional testing

for software, systems, Internet of Things and devices

Professional services

We have extensive experience in tests implementation and software development support. In our team, apart from qualified testers, we have experienced Business Developers, Project Managers and Product Owners. We know software problems are sometimes the tip of the iceberg. We treat diseases, not just their symptoms.

Support for developers

We are sharing our knowledge and experience with you or your team. We support you in your own activities. We build the Test Cases, provide test environments, and perform professional tests on your behalf or together with you. We can train the team, set up a testing procedure or support you during software development.

Key User Support

Our services are based on cooperation with your team. We support you in your own activities. Knowledge and openness in sharing it is our advantage. It does not matter if you are a professional or a person who has to pick up software and do not know where to start or maybe you are building your first application? Every problem is important.

Support for start-ups

We are flexible. If the software is not ready for testing - we abandon the action and offer coding assistance. We advise what to change, we help by ourselves or redirect to partners. Working with you is worth more to us than short-term assignments.


  • Functional testing

    We act comprehensively in order to achieve a leap increase in the quality of your applications and systems. We will select such working methods and types of tests that will work best in a given case.

    We have a whole arsenal of solutions that will allow you for:

    • implementation of acceptance tests, UAT support, filling competency gaps in your team
    • creating and providing dedicated test environments
    • support for the testing process and training of "non-technical" employees, struggling with the need to accept applications and systems
    • ongoing reporting and error response
    • creating test documentation and test cases in an understandable and clear form also for "non-technical" employees
  • You expect the highest quality tests and you are struggling with the limitations of manual testing.

    Our offer:

    • API test automation - protocols: SOAP, REST and others
    • Automation of web application tests in a comprehensive approach (compatibility, regression, performance, stability)
    • Automation of mobile application tests in order to eliminate regression errors
    • creating executable specifications and producing test documentation
    • configuring and sharing test environments
    • orcherstration of manual and automatic tests
  • You want to verify the performance and stability of your application, determine the limits of its load, or you wonder why some processes take too long in it. You are concerned that problems may arise after the application is released.

    We can help by:

    • stress tests
    • tests in the field of time standards
    • analysis and bug detection
    • development support in fixing problems
    • infrastructure recommendations
  • We know that device tests require access to the laboratory. We have professional testing competencies and unique knowledge in this area. We can assist with testing as follows:

    • test plan development of the equipment (firmware and software)
    • developing a test cases specific to hardware requirements
    • execution of a test report
  • You strive to continuously improve quality in your testing processes. That's great! We can offer support from our team to:

    • analysis and improvement of testing processes
    • developing a strategy, plan and orchestration of test environments
    • enchancing test automation
    • selection of the optimal testing method
    • implementation and improvement of recognized test environments
    • bug reporting systems integration
  • You are not sure if your application is useful for customers. No problem - we will implement for you:

    • Analysis of the needs and requirements of key users
    • Usability level assessment of the application or system
    • Test plan with users person of simulation
    • UX tests implementation in a well-matched, diverse team
    • Providing a report on the tests performed along with an in-depth analysis
    • Summary of conclusions and recommendations in accordance with the latest best practices of UX
  • You don't want external testers. You have a testing team in your company and you want to carry out the tests yourself. We can support you in:

    • Analysis of test requirements
    • Dedicated test cases preparation for you
    • Providing a test environment
    • Peak of testing work
  • You are a professional test provider but strugling with lack resources or selected competencies. Contact us. We can support your team in any area and work remotely for your client.

  • We offer training based on practical knowledge. Regardless of whether you are a small or large company, we can provide you with our know-how in the form you expect.

    We offer:

    • closed training courses tailored to your needs (basic or advanced)
    • UAT training for Key Users
    • basics of testing training for startups
    • test case development training
    • test automation training


Software, systems, IoT and device tests


Over 15 years of professional experience in testing and software development supporting tests. We are working remotely or in the internal environment of our clients. The team consists of certified engineers with the following profiles:

  • Test leader, Tester
  • Developers leader, Developer
  • Project Manager
  • Product Owner/Manager

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  • C#, .Net, AspNet, Blazor
  • JavaScript, TypeScript
  • Python, Django
  • MongoDb
  • PHP, MySQL
  • Linux, Windows
  • IoT (Raspberry Pi)

Test Environments

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Satisfied clients


Years of experience

Test Cases



We analyze your requirements. We strive to get to know the system, architecture, technology and goals you want to achieve with the software or devices you create. We offer a free introductory meeting with our experts.


We estimate the scope and cost of the work, select the appropriate testing method, test team and environment. We send you a quote.


The client confirms the scope of work and accepts the quote.


Test preparation begins and agreement is signed.


Tests and ongoing reporting.

Why Polygon?


We can start testing activities 4 hours after notification. The formalities do not limit our involvement. We can implement test environments and test preparation in parallel to the contracting process


When we discover a large number of cross-sectional bugs in the first phase of the project, we offer support in code development instead of further testing

Focus on the result

We account for the effects, not the working time. We rely on orders and not long-term contracts


We work remotely, in accordance with the work methodology expected by the client. We construct expert teams tailored to the needs of each project


We carry out critical, emergency and sudden orders during unusual working hours, also on holidays and non-working days: 7/24

Tailored costs

We always prepare the quote after analyzing the demand. We take care of the client's budget and advise during testing how to use it if something has been underestimated

Need tests?

Each inquiry is priced individually. Depending on the demand, different expert competences may be required.

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